Rick Scott Political Activism Award: LaTonya Reeves, Local 552

The Rick Scott Political Activism Award is presented each year to an individual member, a local union, or a group of members or local unions in recognition of outstanding work in electoral, legislative and other political activity on behalf of our union. This years' award was presented to Local 552 President LaTonya Reeves.

As with so many of the stories you have heard about our union’s awards’ namesakes, Rick Scott was an incredible leader in political work for AFSCME. Rick founded our union’s philosophy of engaging our members deep within our political and electoral efforts. He instilled this across our work. Local 552

President Latonya Reeves embodies this award. She taught her local how to share values and hear reflections from the Hennepin County Board as they lobbied about what they needed.

Congratulations to Local 552 President LaTonya Reeves - and thank you for your commitment to our union and our movement!