Vicki Sheffer

(651) 266-1941

I began working as a temp in the City Council Offices in 1990 and was certified in October 1992.  I worked for the City Council in various capacities as staff to council committees and staffing council offices. I was transferred to DSI in 2012 to work in the Vacant Building Program and since that time, have been assigned a wide variety of other duties.

I come from a family of proud union members and signed my union card after my employment was certified.  I became active in Local 2508 in 2013; first as a member-at-large on the executive board and in 2014, I was appointed as Treasurer after Donna Nagel retired. In 2017, I was again appointed as Treasurer and continue to hold this position.  I believe the union is vital in protecting worker rights in the workplace in addition to negotiating a fair contract for workers’ wages. WE are Stronger Together!